November 29th, 2009


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Дорогие цифровые художники, пользующиеся планшетом, вы есть? Можно вам задать несколько вопросов в смысле consumer research?


Дубай посыпался.

# Minor upset in playground of the rich – or first domino of new crash? (перевод)

# Laid-Off Foreigners Flee as Dubai Spirals Down

# Прощание с халявой

With Dubai’s economy in free fall, newspapers have reported that more than 3,000 cars sit abandoned in the parking lot at the Dubai Airport, left by fleeing, debt-ridden foreigners (who could in fact be imprisoned if they failed to pay their bills). Some are said to have maxed-out credit cards inside and notes of apology taped to the windshield.

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Hamza Thiab, a 27-year-old Iraqi who moved here from Baghdad in 2005, lost his job with an engineering firm six weeks ago. [...] he will have to borrow money from his father to pay off the more than $12,000 he still owes on a bank loan for his Honda Civic.

Ну а чего б беженцу из Багдада не взять кредитный Цивик, действительно. А экономику, ребята, развалили масоны, инженер тут ни при чём.