Pavel Filippov (emdin) wrote,
Pavel Filippov

мои примерные тезисы в сегодняшней беседе с коллегами по работе:
there is no refuge I have found the word does not save there is no refuge in the rock or stone there is no refuge in the wind or other forces of nature the fire especially especially does not save the fire only destroys and though it may purify it takes takes takes and gives nihil back nihil nihil nihil nihil nihil and the holybooks alas have not will not alas can not save nihil nihil nihil this is the chorus of the wind the sun the moon the waters all blue all green or stagnant nihil they sing nihil the inmost light nihil nihil the inmost light nihil nihil the inmost light nihil finally the child aged dies and sings nihil this swansong towards nothing nihil nihil nihil nihil nihil we need not not not blow out the candle nihil nihil it dies anyhow nihil nihil nihil
Tags: цитаты

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