Pavel Filippov (emdin) wrote,
Pavel Filippov

Isn't it lovely?

(Курсив мой.)
As you all are no doubt aware, the most of the users who made such a choose do not live in Russia. In my honest opinion they left their homeland because they think it's a bad, non-democratic, <list goeshere> country which should be democratized in the same way Iraq was or just hated, I dunno.

Of course, the previous sentence doesnot relate to all the people who decided to leave Russia, but it is a fact that some emigrants do hate their historical homeland, for the reasons I don't want to be aware of. This makes me feel a bit upset and I consider it's a shame that I've born in the same country with these particular people.

Восемнадцатилетний работник Супа пишет. Симпампошка.

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    а вообще, граждане, какое же грандиозное космическое кокетство этот наш жж сплошное „ перечитайте Гюнтера де Бройна, и вы разгадаете мое…

  • (no subject) это, определённо, начало чего-то интересного

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    братцы, очень прошу, не уходите весь этот мир — тюрьма и воплощённое страдание, из одной тюрьмы вы можете попасть только в другую такую же…

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