Pavel Filippov (emdin) wrote,
Pavel Filippov


  • (no subject)

    островок стабильности UID: emdin/emdin, M23947919 is not prime. Res64: E4E54B123198A3AC. WZ1: 156042D7,22861018,00000000

  • (no subject)

    хамы и циники UID: emdin/emdin, M21113639 is not prime. Res64: B4788C65EFC92140. WZ1: C62F837E,2257033,00000000

  • (no subject)

    UID: emdin/emdin, M21698297 is not prime. Res64: 96F925374E3C7AA7. WZ1: 535D2B0D,615459,00000000 орешек знанья твёрд

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