Pavel Filippov (emdin) wrote,
Pavel Filippov

Be Positive or Keep Silent – Standard Social Media Etiquette Rule
...But it is not like this everywhere in the world: while in the US people will rarely tell anything negative to each other, here in Russia it is totally fine to tell what you really think (even if you don’t think anything good at all), especially when you talk to some good friends. I guess it is the fact that we value honesty and frankness over politeness and this is the reason of this fact - so you should never be surprised about seeing tons of negative comments on the Russian blogs (if you can read Russian, of course).

value honesty my ass

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    опять же, просто для памяти.

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    К этой новости я бы скорее дал заголовок "Кадури пообещал приход Машиаха меньше, чем через двадцать лет." Вобщем, никто его за язык не тянул.

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    свиньи о, галантная леди, разверни свой бульдозер

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