Pavel Filippov (emdin) wrote,
Pavel Filippov

У меня заканчивается Иззард. Или заказывать на Амазоне или смотреть всё заново.

So Star Wars, the Death Star.
lt's almost like a New York name - the Death Star - it gets to the point.
'What's that star?' 'The Death Star.'
'What does it do?' 'lt does death.'

* * *

- l said it was my body, OK?
- That's cannibalism. Vampirism and cannibalism right at the beginning... And you died on Easter, the biggest pagan ceremony in the history of ever! You're gonna celebrate your death on a different year each year depending on where the moon is. lf they don't work out that's pagan, l'll just eat my hat.
- Dad, no one will work it out for 2,000 years 'till a transvestite points it out in New York.


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